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Guild Outing to Erskine

A Grand Day Out was had by all.


The day began a little overcast but improved steadily and thanks to some forward planning by Adele all we had to do was walk from the bus to the restaurant and order what we wanted for lunch.  After a thorough browse both inside and out it was back aboard and off to Glynhill Hotel for our afternoon tea.
Seated all together at a large square table we were more than impressed at the wonderful spread that was delivered for our enjoyment and as you can see we did our very best to enjoy every last piece of it.


To be held in Newton Mearns Baptist Church. more...
Donated by Mr & Mrs I Stubbs. more...
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A trip to Hampden for the members of the Lunch Club. more...
A wonderful afternoon was spent by everyone. more...
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Donated by Mrs A Muirhead. more...
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Our summer home from the outside. more...
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