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Almost £2000 for Alzheimer Scotland

Well she did it!!!

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Well the big day finally arrived and the sun was shining.  Sat 21st Sept was the date of my Tandem Skydive for Alzheimer's Scotland.  I set off full of confidence & thanking my lucky stars it wasn't wet or windy.  I was given about an hours training with my instructor...what I had to wear, where to put my hands and feet, how it felt to be suspended, timings, the plane, the procedure to leaving the plane, the landing etc.  I listened carefully but wasn't sure if I'd remember it all.  I was 4th to go up....the plane was a small propeller plane & took over 20 minutes to gain the height needed...between 8 & 10,000 feet.  I watched the others go up & land & listened to their experience.  All positive. My name was called & I was off.  The plane was tiny, carpeted wee box & I thought I was safer outside of it!!  We got onto all fours, shuffled up to the door & then it opened...oh sugar.  Right foot on the ledge & the next thing we fell forward, tummy facing the ground, head up, keep breathing.  I was in shock & tried to take it in but it was noisy, windy, blurry then the parachute opened & it was bliss.  Slowly sailing down, taking in the sights of beautiful Perthshire, the sparking River Tay, chatting to my instructor, taking the reins...I wanted it to last longer.  Soon we were close to the ground, I had to raise my legs parallel to the ground so that the instructor has his feet down first.  Smooth easy landing.
I loved it, would recommend it to others and felt lucky that I had the opportunity both to do it while raising money for ALZHEIMER'S Scotland.  My totals have been passed(£450)  & as I write this, I'm just a little short of £2,000.  Thank you all for your amazing generosity.




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