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Grasping The Nettle Autumn Newsletter

Autumn Newsletter from Grasping The Nettle

Very Rev Dr Angus Morrison

"There is a fundamental difference between RELIGION - which is based on authority - and SCIENCE - which is based on observation and reason. 

Science will win because it works."

                                                             Stephen Hawking


Grasping the Nettle takes serious issue with Professor Hawking's stereotype. Many of GTN's activities and communications aim to demonstrate that belief in a creator is also based on observation and reason. On account of the wide influence, however, of statements made by eminent scientists who appear to speak with authority on areas outside of their fields of expertise, GTN has a major task in hand. 


We are delighted to update you on progress and hope that as you absorb the content of the Autumn newsletter, you will be encouraged and inspired to play your part in transforming understanding about issues relating to science and God. 


With our thanks for your continuing support of GTN.


Very Rev Dr Angus Morrison


Grasping the Nettle


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