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Hall Closure

Marje Gillies

The Church Halls will close for use by groups and Church members on 18th April 2019.  After this date, the contents will be packed up for   storage. Once we have handed the halls over to the contractors at the start of May, there will be no access to the building for anyone; it will be fenced off for safety reasons.  This will be the case until we have our refurbished halls handed back by the contractors, hopefully at the end of August/start of September. 

Our Church Office and the Mearns Kirk Helping Hands Office will both remain open in the halls until later in April.  Andrea, our Church      Secretary, will be based at Broom Church from 1st May until 31st  August (with the same email address and phone number - 0141 639 6555) and similarly Vicky and Laura from the Mearns Kirk Helping Hands  Office will be based in the Vestry within our own Church (again with their usual phone number and email addresses). 

The Church itself will have a few changes over this period as we will  be moving the photocopier into the Church to under the West Gallery (where the chairs are). Here, there will also be a table and possibly other items. This means that it may not be possible to use this area for seating for Church services over the Summer.  

Our children normally finish Sunday Club for the Summer in mid June and will do so this year.  From mid April until then we will be holding two Services (9.30am and 10.30am)  and after Sunday Club stops for the Summer, we will return to our usual one Service at 10.15am.

By the time of the June Communion, we will not have any access to the dishwasher in the Halls, so we will be using plastic glasses at the Communion Service - as a one-off. 

We may ask for volunteers to help with various things - more nearer the time!. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact the Church Office.



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