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School Uniform Sundays

Update on School Uniform donations.

School Uniform 1
Susan Fraser

The Outreach Group and KIND (Scotland) would like to thank everyone who supported our two School Uniform Sundays in July.  The total raised to help Women and Children First in Paisley and Quarriers in Ruchazie was almost £2500.  This figure greatly exceeded what we thought would be possible and both organisations are thrilled to be able to provide this additional help to their families.  At the end of this article is a newsletter from Women and Children First expressing their thanks and giving us an insight into some of their other activities.  I am grateful to Margaret Paul of   Women and Children First for taking the time to prepare this for us.

Quarriers have also expressed their thanks and whilst visiting their centre I noticed again how appreciative people were that other people cared about their situations and wanted to help in this very practical way.  Rhonda McKinney, who spoke on our first Sunday, touched us by what she said about the plight of many of those she works with.  

Having to choose between putting food on the table or buying school uniforms for your children in an unenviable choice, but sadly one that is faced by their parents all too often.


These two Sundays also gave us the opportunity to spend extra time with one another and many of us felt that having tea and coffee before the service sometimes might be a good thing to think about for the future.

Setting what we have done in the context of Faith, we think of the words of Micah.  “And what does the Lord require of you, but to do justice, to love, mercy and walk humbly with your God”  The word Micah uses for “justice” is a word that requires action; a desire to treat people equitably.  If justice is about receiving what is deserved, the opposite can be said of the word “grace”.  Yet grace is what we receive from God—a completely undeserved benefit.  To be the recipients of grace, God’s grace, behoves the undertaking of a quest for justice for others and, in a small way, we have ventured on this quest.  Thank you once again.



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