A church with a heart for the community


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M E A R N S   K I R K

O R D E R     O F    S E R V I C E


25th November 2018                                                                10.15 am Service




Family News


Call to Worship


Hymn                                       618                                                  Spirit of love


Family Time


Hymn                                       530           One more step along the world I go


Call to Prayer




Bible Reading:             Colossians 1: 11-20 (P180)     Stewart Cairns


Hymn                                       448                                        Shine, Jesus, Shine


Offering:  We give our gifts for the work of God in the Church and the World


Hymn                                      807   Praise God from whom all blessings flow


Prayers of Gratitude and Concern


Hymn                                       180                Give thanks with a grateful heart


Sermon:  Watch over your heritage!


Hymn                                       765                          God’s love is for everybody




Sung Threefold Amen

(Please remain standing)