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East Renfrewshire Foodbank

Elaine MacNiven

We are now approaching summer and many of us will be looking forward to sunny weather and holidays and perhaps take a picnic to one of our beautiful lochsides or beaches.

Imagine, then, constantly worrying about how to find enough money to feed your family and having to be dependent on the generosity of those of us who have plenty, to donate food so that your family might have food on the table. For most of us, it’s unimaginable and yet it is the daily worry for many more people than ever. The use of foodbanks has risen in Scotland in the last year by 25% , according to the Trussel Trust which helps to set up Foodbanks, including ours, and assists those in charge.

It’s obvious from the figures this problem isn’t going away. Instead, it’s increasing in gravity for families, not only for those out of work, but also for people in work whose wages are too low to enable them to provide food for themselves and their families. This must be such an indignity. When you cannot afford food, then you also cannot afford the other necessities of life and, at the Foodbank, we also give toiletries, sanitary goods, baby food and nappies to those who have a daily struggle to survive.

I often come across people who say there should be no need for Foodbanks in this country of ours in this day and age and, of course, they are right! Nor should there be but, unfortunately, there is a need and it is thanks to people like you who think of others and give generously for their benefit. For that, we are very, very grateful and if you are having a picnic sometime this summer, please spare a thought for the families who can’t afford to go on picnics.



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